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Nigel Wright proporciona una perspectiva de un mercado específico de cualquier parte del mundo. Para obtener más información visite el área de nuestro Grupo.


Spanish Consumer Sector Salary Survey 2018

This survey provides insight into the salaries, benefits and bonuses commanded by professionals working within the consumer sector across a wide range of disciplines in Spain.

Consumer Focus – Issue 9

The ninth edition of our Consumer Focus magazine, dedicated to the markets we serve across Europe and beyond. It includes global consumer insight, interviews and news.

Great Ideas for Your Employer Brand

This free whitepaper discusses the current 'problems' with work and how positive employer branding initiatives can help to address these issues.

Automation and its Impact on Employment

Automation will increasingly impact the world of work during the next few years but which areas and careers are most likely to be affected?

Noticias más recientes del grupo

Trust and accountability drive Nigel Wright’s success

October 29th 2018

Ben Debnam started his Nigel Wright career during the recession and had to learn fast and focus his attention on acquiring the skills needed to survive. Within four years, and aged only 26, he became a manager for the ...

Former McLaren engineer relishing new challenge at the forefront of automation

October 16th 2018

Q. You’ve recently joined Tharsus as Head of Design (Engineering). Tell us about your career to date and any highlights. A. Yes, I joined Tharsus in July having previously worked for McLaren for 8 years with roles like ...

Automation and its impact on employment

October 10th 2018

Automation will increasingly impact the world of work during the next few years. This is already felt in some industries, and different countries are experiencing the effects more so than others. Discussions of how automation will alter working life, ...



  • Mandos intermedios y directivos
  • Ventas y marketing
  • Cadena de suministros y adquisición
  • Operaciones/ Fabricación
  • Operaciones/ Ingeniería
  • Finanzas
  • Recursos humanos


  • Productos de consumo y servicios
  • Ropa/textiles
  • Bienes de consumo duradero
  • Bienes de consumo no duradero
  • Industria de alimento y bebida
  • Salud y ocio
  • OTC Farma
  • Restaurante/hotel/ocio (HoReCa)
  • Gran distribución
  • Ocio/Turismo
  • Sectores digital y creativo
  • Industrial, fabricación y logística
  • Científico y ciencias biológicas